5 Tips to Choosing Topic for a Blog

Choosing a topic for a blog involves three main components , you have to think about your talent , market opportunity and you have to think about passion.

Choose a Blog Topic

Finding a blog topic takes time and serious consideration. You will likely consider several possibilities before you settle on the niche you think is right for you. Think about what your are generally interested about ? the magazines , blogs or website do you visit and also think about with your friends the most.

your blog should be on a topic that you are generally interested and like to talk about… Measure market opportunity– if you are involved in a market, you will know the demand automatically.

Keyword research 

you can do also keyword research , it is the one of best way to find demand and market needs. If you use keywords correctly, though, you use the voice of your customers and target audience. And keyword research allows you to target your message and stand out in your industry. One primary reason that keyword research has become so much more complicated over the past several years is that search engines have changed. Instead of combing through content to pull out individual keyword phrases, today’s search engines are operating largely on the basis of semantic search.

Skills and Expertise

You don’t need to best expert in the world to start blogging or to start information of products. you just need to better than your followers.
you need to write an excellent article is listening skill. A blogger should have to be a listener, not just hearer. There is a big difference between listening and hearing. In listening a person listen something carefully with a great concentration of understanding. But in hearing a person just hear the topic without any concentration. It can not possible that a listener will not learn something new from listening. So try to be a listener first.

Build a Good Blog Brand

you have to build a good blog brand , you have to trustworthy , useful and friendly brand.

Category Leadership

Category leadership is very important try to build a brand. People always remember No.1 Not No.2 – when you think about who landed on the moon first we think about Neil Armstrong are two people land on the moon that is
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, but know body knows Buzz Aldrin.

Think about your passion areas. what you like talking about your friend. Find out if there is a market opportunity and competition .

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