How to Choose the right Domain Name

Whenever you type a domain name the browser actually loading the website from a web server.The server has an ip address , each an every sever has an ip address.

If you move your website from one server to another server than the ip address also changes.

Who browse your website user can’t remember the ip address every time, they can remember only the domain names and that makes browsing much much easier.

If you have a website in a specific ip address and whenever someone searches for domain name , the domain name or the DNS record has this ip address on file and browser will load files from load server to the website browser.

But how ever ip address changes then you just need to update your domain name with a new ip address and then the website will load from the new server.

Domain Name Records

Domain Name

Each domain name has something domain name record where these details stored.

Domain name records are held at the domain registrar (or the name server) that is called ‘A‘ record , A record will point to the server ip address, ‘MX‘ record point to the mail server ip ( ex: Google apps mail) , then you have something call ‘TXT‘ records which are used for domain verification.

Domain Names are so Important

If you building a strong brand which needs good recall and also good association then you need good domain name. Domain name is the brand name when its come to the online business.

if you don’t have offline business and you wan’t to come in online business so you have to make your brand name by a domain name.

Basic rules of right Domain Names

your good domain name should not be 2-3 words ( for ex. “digitalchirag” ) is two words, there are big brand build on three words as well -“” is a three word website. but usually you don’t see big brand who have build on Four words.

.com is always prefer because of the branding power of .com as a TLD. more then 50% website in the world build are .com. and ideally your domain name should 12 character or less.

Geographic TLDs are okay for country specific Niches, so if you are building a website which is just going to be for India “Never side other country ” it’s okay to have a .in domain name but the same time someone else have the website .com version over time you building a brand then what will happen , people will visiting .com version and you will lose the traffic some of them.

Premium Domain Names

Since most of the domain name are already taken, sometimes okay to buy premium domain name. like –, , etc.

and if you find the domain name which already registered and it isn’t listed on the premium domains market then you can trying to reaching out to Whois email address and you can contact with the owner to buy that domain.

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