How to Create a YouTube Ad

How to create a YouTube ad Campaign

we will learn – how to promote a youtube video using adwords

There are two main types of YouTube Ads. 1. In-stream Ads and 2. Bumper Ads. In-stream ads run as pre-roll ads before other videos or they are shows as ads along with other videos. This increases the views to your videos.

Bumper ads are 6 second ads that appear before other videos and are mostly used for branding. Bumper ads cannot be skipped. In-stream pre-roll ads can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Benefits of creating a YouTube ad campaign

Think about your own browsing habits.

How many times have you searched for something on Google, only to find a collection of YouTube video tutorials that give you more information than a blog post ever could?

You may have visited YouTube a few times already this week, or even a few times today.

People keep coming back to YouTube because they know it’s a reliable source for educational information and entertainment. YouTube has incredible advertising potential for businesses in virtually any industry.

3 types of YouTube ad campaigns

Now that you understand the different types of YouTube ad formats, your brain may already be racing to the next step: brainstorming and creating your advertisement.

Before you leap into ideation mode, we want to introduce the main types of YouTube ads that advertisers use today and which are the most effective.

With most marketing strategies, storytelling will often be your best performing type of advertisement. It puts the visitor in the shoes of real people (or actors who portray real people) who are struggling with similar problems and appeals to their pain points.

Your story can be broad and talk to a mass group of people who suffer from something that specifically leads to the solution you offer, or it can highlight one person’s story and how your business or product has changed their life. We usually consider this a case study in traditional marketing, but you can frame it like a story through your video advertisement.

How to advertising on Youtube best practice

As you start planning your YouTube ad content, there are a few things to keep in mind. You may be thinking about what video equipment you need or how to edit your videoseffectively, but none of those steps matter if you don’t create ads from a strategic foundation. Before you jump in, remember these tips.

Be concise

No YouTube user wants to watch an advertisement that is too long. Be strategic about the length of your video and how much time you really need to make your message clear.

If you are having trouble getting your video to be shorter than 20 seconds, you may want to look into making a viral-type video for other social media platforms and putting ad dollars behind that.

For advertisements, concise videos around 10-15 seconds will always perform best because you are able to communicate the value of what you provide to your audience without taking too much time away from the video they want to view next.

Create a strong call-to-action

You could create a really engaging story and display it well through each frame, but if your YouTube ad doesn’t have a good call-to-action (CTA), then your ad won’t perform as well as it could. A simple tweak to your CTA could make all the difference.

If you are struggling with your CTA, think about what key action you want users to take that would make the advertisement a success. Is it signing up for your email list, contacting you through a form on your website, or purchasing your offering from a landing page? This will heavily influence your desired CTA.

When thinking about the messaging of your CTA, remember to keep it concise (because you only have so much room on text ads) and make sure it matches the messaging of your video. If it doesn’t feel cohesive, people won’t be interested and you’ll hurt your authority as a brand. Make sure every aspect of your video advertisement is created in unity.

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