How to Install WordPress in GoDaddy Hosting

Install WordPress in GoDaddy Hosing

You can install wordpress in godaddy hosting server very easily but. If you’ve purchased hosting from GoDaddy, you can learn how to install a WordPress blog.

First you need to login your godaddy account , so first sign in your account with user name and password , then go to my products.

You can also install wordpress in shared server that is called Cpanel. but in this article i have saw , how to install managed wordpress in godaddy account not for shared hosting only wordpress managed hosting.

Once you login , you will be able to see this Managed WordPress websites and here you can click Set up.

Now you have to select weather your migrating existing site or building a brand new site. Check box I’m building a brand news site ,Then Get Started.

Then pick a domain name that will be already in the list, then click next-

Choose a Data Center

Here you can choose which data center you want Europe Or North america.You should choose Europe because it close to india so the server response very fast.

Create a WordPress Login

Give a username anything that can you remember. but user name should be 5-40 characters, consist only of lowercase letters and numbers, you can not give username admin.Have to be password as well. then enter password and confirm password, Then click Install.

It actually took 2 or 3 minute’s, Now wordpress blog has been successfully installed in godaddy hosting .

Why managed wordpress Easily ?

  • You don’t need to set up a cloud flare account.
  • You don’t need to configure Name server’s.

Now you can login wordpres blog by wp admin.To access you blog dashboard you need to login with username and password ,Login Link like you can also access your blog dashboard from godaddy but first you need to login your godaddy account.

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