How to set goals for the blogging and treat blogging as a business than as a job

How can goals help you in Blogging

you may achieve your goal in blogging , most of the people when they sets goals they afraid whether they able to achieve those goals but it okay you have to be comfortable with that you may or may not achieve you goals.

When you actually set goals it will help you go in right direction, you might not go all the way or you might not have confidence right now to achieve your goals but goals help you to find in which direction you are moving. Your sub-conscious mind will keep thinking that how to achieve the goals in blogging. If you set a goal, your sub-conscious mind will keeping thinking how to go ahead and achieve that you want to wants , so that why goal setting is very important in blogging.

Goals can you set for your Blogging Journey

You could generate any number of specific, targeted goals for your own blog just from this list. But while these all sound like perfectly reasonable ideas, they actually don’t go far enough. That is, they don’t actually address the strategic aims that lie behind a successful blog.

Take a few minutes. Grab a pen and paper. Jot down some ideas and outlines as to what you think the purpose of your blog is, and where you see it taking your business.

There are two thing and two kinds of Goals. you will able to set goals which are things under your control and also things not under in control.

Things under your control-

  • No. of Blog posts a week
  • No. of Social media posts
  • Amount of time spent on blogging

Things not under in control-

  • No. of visitors per day
  • No. of comments per blog post
  • No. of social media followers

Sample Blogging Goals

Things under your control-

  • No. of blog posts a week – 2
  • No.of social media posts- 5
  • Amount of time spent on blogging

Things not under in control-

  • No. of visitors per day – 100
  • No. of comment per blog posts- 3
  • No. of social media followers- 1,000

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