How to Write Compelling Content That people want to Read

Master In Web Content

Written content forms the foundation of your blogging journey. Once you master written content, you can then go ahead and re-use the same skills for other types of content such as videos, podcasts, infographics and more.

There are many types of content that you can publish on your Blog ,
such as videos, podcasts, infographics and more.

Unlearning “Written Language” as we Know it.

Web content and web language is much different and what we have learned by growing up. Good communication has nothing to do “English” and “Grammar”, English and grammar are important but many people start focusing more on the language part of it and the communication part of it.

First Define the Purpose of the Page

Website content comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. From long-form content and blog posts to sidebar blurbs and product descriptions, copy is prepared and displayed in varied ways to serve different purposes.

But in this post, we’re focusing on how to write content for a website landing page.

In the simplest terms, Unbounce describes a landing page as “any web page that a visitor can arrive at or ‘land’ on.”

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How to Write Web Content ?

Write content like you talk (Blogs , articles, sales , pages, email content , social media posts and so on).

If your writing has focus, your post will have all the semantic keywords and concepts it needs to make the penguin happy. No real need to obsess over that.

For solid SEO and added interest you need:

  • A concise and descriptive meta description
  • Sub-headers containing keywords and variants
  • Links to other internal pages (to keep visitors in your site longer)
  • Outbound links (to authoritative sites)
  • Images (preferably with descriptive ALT text)

How to Keep Attention Of the Reader ?

Internet is full of distractions unlike newspaper or book reading. So if you are writing an article and publish on news paper so the language can little bit complex. Your reader’s minds are very selective. So we have to give them a reason to pay attention to our content instead of everything else out there they could be listening to.

Even if you have the best product, service, or information on the planet, it’s still difficult to get people to give you the time of day. 

Write Short and simple sentences

Long sentences are for Charles Dickens—the short attention span of today’s reader demands sentences of 35 words or fewer. And according to, the average American adult reads at a 7th to 9th-grade level. So website content that’s accessible and easy to read will naturally reach a wider audience.

Focus on using nouns and verbs; use adverbs and adjectives sparingly. Don’t use words like “equanimity” or “obfuscate” when words like “calm” or “confuse” will do.

If you’re not sure what grade level you write at (like most of us!) then it’s useful to check how your texts score on readility models.

Every line should lead to next line like a slippery slope. one week line can lose the attention of the reader

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