The best resources to learn digital marketing in 2020 Update

There are lots of option to learn Digital marketing. Now these lock down days you can learn digital marketing at your home.

The Option to learn Digital Marketing.

  • Read Books About Digital Marketing
  • Attend Digital marketing course with online training
  • work in a company as a digital marketing junior or intern (Scop is less)
  • Practice digital marketing yourself through you own website. Like

You can learn digital marketing by read books about digital marketing but you can see just theory of digital marketing , you can’t do the practice of that. and you can also attend the digital marketing online training but the main problem is the practice , if you really want to learn digital marketing so you should practice yourself through own website.

With the own website is the best way to learn digital marketing because with that you can do something new and if you face any problem so you can try so solve it. this is the real life example of the digital marketing.

The Difference between Digital marketing vs Other Topics

For most of topics: Learn a lot of theory, then practice- what ever you want to learn you need to learn a lot of theory and then you need to do practice. for example – Study of human body will not change for long time because the concept of human body is same and it will not change ever and also manufacturing industry has not change also.

But in the Digital Marketing you have to learn little bit and do practice and this process will continue with new ideas or algorithm. Like Whatsapp application , In whatsapp application whatsapp developers do update with new features like theme update or any thing.

The Advantages with Digital Marketing

You can start learning digital marketing with a computer and internet connection. you are reading this article so it is also interconnection with internet and computer.

Think about medical , construction or manufacturing , you have to depend on others , suppose you are a medical student so you have to being a part of hospital and start with the theory and do more and more practice and start experimenting with people.

But in Digital marketing you can start learning yourself. There are many tools and technique available for work on free trial’s and small budges.

How I Learn Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is a game of strategies. You need to learn and implement it step by step as the doctor prescribes the medicine. It must be implemented in a measure for which an expert Digital Marketing guidance is required.

Now, as we speak about the experts, you can always enroll yourself for an offline certification course that is offered by various universities and academy at different prices.

These Universities and Academy offer their students an internship program on live projects after successful completion of the course. This internship helps them to gain real-world digital marketing experience.

Do You Need Programming Skills In Digital Marketing?

This is the most common question which people ask before enrolling for the Digital Marketing course. There are many myths about whether you need to learn coding skills or not.

So let us make it clear that coding is not a required skill in Digital Marketing. But yes, a little knowledge of HTML can give you a benefit to comprehend the challenges in front of the clients as marketers. These skills will help you with a better discussion with the developers and you could easily help them to understand your specific needs.

The knowledge of programming codes can help you to experiment with your creative ideas on the webpage.

These skills can save a lot of time by solving the minor issue on your own like Input of keywords or changing the title without the help of a developer.

Still, if you are not interested in learning to code, don’t you worry, nothing will hamper your digital marketing career and you can still be a successful Internet Marketer.

Start Digital Marketing with a Domain name and website.

  • Register a domain name.
  • Buy a small web hosing package like Linux web hosting.
  • Install a wordpress blog, in it and Optimize for SEO.
  • Open Social media pages for your brand that is called (Social Media Marketing).
  • Drive some paid traffic to it ( Paid Advertising )
  • Start Building a Email List (Email Marketing).

Next Steps :

Choose any topic that you are passionate about : Bikes, cars, fashion , technology.

Search For an available domain name and register one

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